Summer party names

How do I turn my room into a party room?

Elements: Interior Design For Party Room Consider recessed ceiling lights with dimmers . Use cozy table lamps and torchiere floor lamps that reflect the light to the ceiling. Provide lighting for your deck, porch or patio area. Landscape lights can be placed to shine up through trees and shrubbery.

20 Ways to Make Your Small Event Space Feel Big

What to Consider When Searching for a Venue

What are the considerations in planning the set up and layout of an event?

When deciding on the best room layout and seating arrangements there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Tips for Perfect Event Decorations

Decoration can be life-enhancing. It can make dinner parties more fun, kids happier, relaxing easier, talks more intimate, guests at ease. And to think, decorating is often considered frivolous . Making a charmed and happy home is a noble endeavor.

What exactly is event decor? Event decoration is all the little things that make up the environment your event takes place in . Decor sets the mood and helps create the right atmosphere for your guests.

What is the difference between event planner and event organizer?

While an event planner designs the event, in general, an event coordinator is responsible for doing what's been planned . Event coordinators take care of logistics and resolve any event-related issues. Event coordinators should make sure that everything goes as planned.

Simply put, wedding planners and designers excel in different areas but both serve an equally important purpose. Your planner will create an event that flows effortlessly, while your designer will create a stunning display of aesthetic details that neither you nor your guests will forget .Mar 2, 2015