Decoration Ideas for party at Home

How would you describe a large space?

Spacious is an adjective that means "roomy" or "having plenty of room." The adjective spacious is most commonly used to describe living quarters that have plenty of space, but it can be used to describe other things as well. A luxury sedan, for example, might be said to have a spacious interior.

synonyms for wide open space province . backwoods . boondocks . bush . countryside .

void . noun. formal an extremely large empty space.

Big room can refer to: Great room, a large room in a modern Western house. Great hall, the largest room in a medieval manor. Obeya, also known as "big room"; the equivalent of a "war room" in Japanese business.

What is the other name of outer?

Outer Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus. ... What is another word for outer? externaloutsideexterioroutwardoutermostsurfacesuperficialexposedalienbeyondWhat is another word for outer? | Outer Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus › what-is › another-word-for › outer

The universe is the whole of space , and all the stars, planets, and other forms of energy in it.

area . nounextent, scope of a surface. breadth. compass. distance.

boxroom in British English (ˈbɒksˌruːm , -ˌrʊm ) noun. a small room or large cupboard in which boxes, cases, etc, may be stored .

Is spare room one word or two?

spare room ​Definitions and Synonyms singularspare roompluralspare roomsSPARE ROOM (noun) definition and synonyms - Macmillan Dictionary › dictionary › british › spare-room

Here are ten great ways to use your spare room.

A spare room is a bedroom which is kept especially for visitors to sleep in .

synonyms for media

What is another name for recreation room?

What is another word for recreation room? denfamily roomstudybasementgames roompool roomruckus roomrumpus roomsnuggeryretreatWhat is another word for "recreation room"? - WordHippo › what-is › another-word-for › recreation_room

What is another word for media center? libraryarchivebook roominformation centerreference centerlending librarybookmobilebook wagontraveling librarybook clubWhat is another word for "media center"? - WordHippo › what-is › another-word-for › media_center

television room nounroom centering on tv. TV room. entertainment center.

Definition of soiree : a party or reception held in the evening.

What is garden party in English?

: a party that takes place in a garden or in a large yard with gardens .